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Our Vision

Harry Martinez and Arielle Meyer represent the essence of passion and creativity that define Studio 33 Interiors. Harry brings a poetic touch of a painter to the design process, igniting emotional responses through his renderings, drawings, and exquisite fine art pieces. His diverse educational background, coupled with extensive studio experience and rich cultural exposure, allow him to offer innovative solutions to design challenges. On the other hand, Arielle excels as an expert space planner, forming instant connections with clients through her impeccable taste, style, and warm demeanor. She also skillfully manages the financial aspects of their projects.

Established in 2008 based on client suggestions, Studio 33 thrives through the unique partnership between Martinez and Arielle. Martinez emphasizes the profound impact of interior design, recognizing that our living spaces reflect our inner feelings and life experiences. Arielle underscores the role of design as a bridge between client and designer, founded on trust and talent to achieve artistic visions.

Studio 33's reach expands beyond South Florida, with successful projects in Chicago, New York, and Palm Beach, encompassing diverse commercial and residential ventures such as medical offices, condominium lobbies, and public spaces. Their influence has transcended borders, attracting international clients and propelling them into the luxury hospitality sector.
A captivating aspect of Studio 33 is Harry Martinez's talent as a fine artist, particularly in encaustic painting—a historical mural technique that he has refined with a modern aesthetic touch. This unique skill adds an exceptional dimension to their offerings, resonating with clients seeking bespoke and artistic elements in their spaces.

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