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About Studio 33 Interiors

Studio 33 Interiors, LLC. was founded in 2008 as a high-end “boutique design” firm with the purpose of bringing the professional architectural design experience to the luxury markets. 

Our goal is to bring the order, harmony, and beauty of design to our clients. In essence, we become a vehicle of expression for the the client’s requirements and offer our vision, taste, and professional expertise in order to achieve the maximum design experience.

The name Studio 33 comes from a statistical fact; 33% of our lives are spent indoors. It follows then that the interior
experience becomes a crucial element of our lives.

Our philosophy is to perfect the architectural experience first and foremost and accordingly follow with the decorative aspects of furniture and finishes, thus achieving a total solution to the design challenge.

Our experience includes residential, commercial, healthcare, and public spaces. In addition, we build residences from the ground up, while working closely with an Architect. This allows our clients to experience our architectural and artistic talents. We maintain a strong sensitivity to our client’s budgets and investment desires.


Experience the expertise of the team at Studio 33 Interiors with our collaborative approach to architecture, art and interior design. Our team is dedicated to bringing innovative and functional design solutions to each project, no matter the size. Meet our team below and start creating your dream space today.



With more than 30 years in the design industry, working for

some of the most prominent design firms in Chicago and South

Florida, Harry brings his knowledge along with a painter’s poetic

inspiration to the design process. Harry is trained in Fine Arts,

with double degrees in English Literature and Interior Design.

His extensive education, depth of culture, travel and exposure,

as well as his technical knowledge, bring forth unique and

unexpected solutions to the most basic design problems. His

excellent communication skills and warm outgoing personality

allow the client to feel immediately at ease and directly involves

them in the design process.



CFO/Managing Partner

With degrees in Advertising, Communications, and Interior

Architecture, Arielle is an expert in space planning and design.

She brings 15 years of hands-on experience in design, project

management and administration to the Studio 33 team. Her

inherent understanding of space as well as her sensitivity to the

client’s needs and functional requirements allows for very

practical solutions to complex design issues. She has broad

knowledge and expertise in material and finish selections. In

addition, her excellent taste level allows for capturing of stylistic

elements appropriate to a variety of styles.

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