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The interior design of the UNI K-WAX store was carefully curated to create a serene and calming ambiance. Natural elements such as bamboo, wood, and stone were incorporated to promote a sense of tranquility and connection with nature. Soft lighting fixtures were strategically placed to enhance the soothing atmosphere within the space.

To align with the brand's commitment to organic products, the store employed eco-friendly materials and finishes. This included using low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints, sustainable flooring options, and recyclable materials whenever possible. The store also featured a display showcasing the organic products available, emphasizing the brand's dedication to providing healthier options for their customers.

In terms of layout, the store was designed to optimize the customer experience and ensure privacy during waxing treatments. Private treatment rooms were created, each with a minimalistic and clean aesthetic to enhance the spa-like experience. Special attention was given to acoustic insulation to maintain a quiet and peaceful atmosphere inside the treatment rooms.

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